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Saturday, May 26, 2012


Tulsi Comics was an Indian comics publisher in the late 80s and early 90s, and was a division of Tulsi Pocket Books History Backed by Tulsi Pocket Books, a popular publishers of Hindi novels in India, and backed by an established and vast customer base of the novels, Tulsi comics never achieved high success, as they lacked in quality and were not up to the standards of Diamond Comics, Raj Comics or Manoj Comics, and because of this, the company finally shut down in 2004.[1] Another reason for Tulsi Comics failure was that they produced story arcs in a minimum of 2–3 parts, and they never gave a complete story in a single issue. Since most of the comic readers in India are children who had limited pocket money, this practice ultimately backfired, and it lost popularity among its reader base.[citation needed] Chief among these was a huge story arc of Jamboo spanning several comics lasting for more than a year. Though this whole series was among the best Tulsi has ever offered creatively,[citation needed] this long continuing series, along with introducing a lot of new characters like Yosho (formerly advertised as Osho), Yoga, Baaz and Mr. India led to its death. The new characters were just not as exciting and older characters were multi-part stories.[citation needed] Tulsi comics character "Jamboo" was their most successful character, created by a Ved Prakash Sharma, followed by Angara and Tausi. Plot of the Jamboo storyline In this storyline, Jamboo gets stranded on a planet. He becomes their ruler by killing the native race's King by beating him in a duel. Later stories explored his improving relations with native race, rebuilding their society and saving them from attacks. Slowly, he discovers his doppelganger by the name of "Shanichar". He also finds out that in previous life he was tortured and killed by him and so when he was created, Shanichar's image and powers were in the sub-conscious mind of the professor whose brain he carries now. Both of them had the final showdown with Jambu killing him with the planet's water (which has acidic properties and only the protection against it is a special element from the native planet). Instead of finishing the story arc, they continued the series by introducing "Sarkata". He finds the head who tells him that his body has liquid which can cure all diseases and grant immortality. He also tells a fake story to gain Jamboo's sympathy. The quest begins to find his whole body as the liquid can only be extracted if the whole body is brought together. After a lot of struggle he finally brings whole of his body together and brings him back to India in order to extract the Miracle Liquid called "Amrit". However, it backfires as he refuses to give anything and reveals his real name as "Sarkanda". Frequency Tulsi Comics were published monthly. The number of comics published every month varied from 6 to 10 (sometimes 1 or 2 digest are also published as special issues.) Some of the famous comics are Jamboo aur Angara ka Yudh, Jamboo aur Tausi, Mar gaya Jamboo, and Jamboo ke bete. Head Office The Head Office of the Tulsi Pocket Books is - Tulsi Pocket Books Delhi Road Meerut - 250 002 Characters Tausi Jamboo Angara (Tulsi Comics) Yosho Yoga Baaj Mr. India Other than the regular characters - Tulsi Comics published comics based on Kings-Queens, Prince-Princess, Demons-Dragons-Ghosts and moral values. Due to the lack of original characters, more than half of the total comics published by the company fall in this broad category.


  1. Very Nice and Informative article about Tulsi comics.
    Yeh jaankar bahut ajeeb mehsoos hua ki..Tulsi comics ke fall hone ki ek wazah 2-3 parts mein stories ko poora karna raha...isse pata chalta hai ki woh readers ki pasand aur suggestions ko pehle se samajh nahin paaye..warna Heroes unke paas bhi kaaphi achche the.

  2. Hi Inder, Your art work is simply brilliant. We are starting an initiative named Save Indian Comics and would like to use your artwork in some places with proper mentioning of the artist (you). Please drop me an email at ygolecha@gmail.com if that is ok with you.


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